About Us

Tiffany Dupoy Dance United First of all, I am thrilled that you are considering dancing with DanceUnited.  Our studio promises quality service, competitive tuition, and the development of student confidence all while having fun through dance.   In my opinion, it is so important to feel loved, appreciated, and challenged by those around you.  If you feel the same, then this studio may be your perfect fit.
As a school teacher for six years, I learned that each student is wonderful and different in their own right and it is important to meet a child where they are but to push them toward accomplishing reachable goals.  I intend to bring much of what I learned as a teacher into being not only a good dance teacher, but as a mentor as well.  If my students cannot look to me for guidance, not only in dance, but in life…I have not done my job well.  Therefore, it is my goal to provide each student with a place and the personnel to help build their confidence.

Not only will there be dancing taking place at DanceUnited, but there will be team building too.  United means together and although dance typically is looked upon as an individual sport, when one is expected to dance with others, the dynamic changes.  All of a sudden, you have lessons like commitment, dedication, encouragement, dependency, and trust being built on a week by week basis.  Not to mention, there is something so spine tingling about watching a group of dancers perform the same movements done in precise synchronization!

Thank you again for considering DanceUnited to be part of your family.  I hope I was able to share with you my enthusiasm and love for this beautiful art and the people who commit to it.  And as always, please do not hesitate to call me directly to discuss any further questions or concerns.

Much Love,
Tiffany DuPuy
DanceUnited Owner

Mission and Purpose

DanceUnited is dedicated to grow and develop individual’s character and confidence while having fun through dance.

The purpose of DanceUnited first and foremost is to give glory to God the Father.  The ability to dance is a gift, but the opportunity to dance together or DanceUnited is a blessing!

This studio values community.  Coming alongside one another to help grow one another is important in this life.  Dance is a beautiful skill, but paired with teamwork and friendship, it can move mountains.  Here at DanceUnited, we want you to feel part of a family…our family.   That is why our purpose is to promote teambuilding in every class.  It will allow the student to feel comfortable with both themselves and those around them leading to a beautiful confidence shown through the art of dance.  Not only will they be learning about confidence, but they will be growing the confidence of others as well.  Our studio believes that dance is the vessel that creates leadership skills in the lives of our students.


Our studio originally began in 1936 as Palmer School of Dance.  Ms. Marjorie Palmer founded the school and taught there for 50 years.  She sold the school to a good friend and student of hers, Ms. Patsy Riddle, who continued the legacy of teaching young people dance.  Along with her daughter, Ms. Courtney Haraway and other fine staff members, the school thrived for twenty-five additional years and in 2011, Palmer School of Dance celebrated its 75th year in business!

As a new chapter began, Palmer School of Dance was sold to Mrs. Tiffany DuPuy who has given the studio a new location and a new name.  DanceUnited will surely continue the amazing legacy from that of Marjorie Palmer, Patsy Riddle, and Courtney Haraway, as well as offering new and innovative dance styles and techniques.