Class Descriptions


Pre-Dance is a mix of Ballet, Tap, and movement games for ages 2-4.  Learning control of the body and following oral directions all while having fun, are the main focus of this class.  Dancers will passively learn about friendship, teamwork, and self confidence.


Ballet is a style that teaches control and discipline through fluid and graceful movements.  There are many different types of Ballet, but at DanceUnited, we teach Classical Ballet.


Tap is a dance that involves moving mostly the feet, while wearing specific shoes, in order to make various sounds in a purposeful and often times sequential order.


Jazz is an upbeat, less structured version of Ballet.  This style encourages dancers to gain muscular flexibility and musicality while developing strength in movement.  Technical aspects of dance, like turns and leaps, are also learned.  Lyrical is a great mix between Jazz and Ballet.


Pom has fast paced, sharp movements while holding pom poms.  It also incorporates the technical jazz aspect of turns, jumps, and leaps.  (This style is popular among high school, college, and even professional dance teams.)

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a free-spirited, beat driven style with lots of attitude!  Made up of both fine and large motor skills, this style can be both detailed and broad.  Individual and group stunts/tricks are incorporated throughout.


Acro is a mix between basic gymnastics tumbling skills and dance.  Made popular by the reality show “Dance Moms,” this style focuses on gaining strength, flexibility, and control, while pairing dance with “tricks.”

Senior All-Stars

All-Stars is our competitive team for grades 10th-12th.  The competition squad trains for a more rigorous schedule due to the fact that they compete in 3 dance competitions, usually in the months of January, February, and March.  An audition near the beginning of the dance year will determine who will make the All-Star team.  All-Stars can compete in the styles of Pom, Lyrical, Jazz, Prop, Contemporary, and Production. * Elite All-Stars is a competition team for any age dancer who is exceeding the requirements of their current competition team.

Junior All-Stars

Mini All-Stars is our competitive team for grades 7th-8th.  (See Senior All-Stars for class description.)

Mini All-Stars

Mini All-Stars is our competitive team for grades 4th-6th.  (See Senior All-Stars for class description.)

Petite All-Stars

Petite All-Stars is our competition team for grades 1st-3rd.  (See Senior All-Stars for class description.)

Specialty Dances

Solos, Duets, Trios are specialty competition dances only.  Students will be audition for these at the beginning of the dance year.

Private Lessons or Specialty Dances

Private Lessons can come in any style or form.  Please contact the studio if you are interested in getting private lessons in order to dance at events like a tryout or audition, a wedding or anniversary, or even to just better your dance skills.