Policies and Procedures

Open House and Registration

The Open House is the time for welcoming the students, meeting the staff, and touring the studio. Registering for classes and tuition fees are due at this time.  Once classes reach their capacity, they will close.  Arrive early to ensure a spot in the class.


Registration Fee

The registration fee of $35 (NONREFUNDABLE) is due upon registration of a student, along with the Registration Agreement & Medical Release Form, to reserve a position and class.


First Days of Classes

Please come dressed and ready to dance. Registration may still be open at this time and classes may still be growing, therefore, adjustments may be necessary during the first week or two. All classes are subject to change if enrollment is less than four students.



Please check under the Tuition tab for further information.


Dress Code

Dress Code is an important part of dancing.  At DanceUnited, it not only allows for movement but promotes unity when dancing.  Wearing the same style and color of clothing allows the teacher to see body placement while discouraging style competition within the class.  Failure to adhere to the Dress Code will result in denial from class participation until proper adjustments are made. Please label all clothing and shoes with your child’s name in permanent marker.



All participants will need black leotards and pink or black tights with pink canvas ballet shoes or nude half ballet shoes for ballet class.  (More details will be given by instructor)  Short wrap skirts or tutus may be worn if desired.  Hair needs to be worn in a bun.


During tap, students may put on black shorts or capris over their tights, but no pants.   Black “Mary Jane” style tap shoes (for ages 3-7) or black tap “boot” (for ages 8-adult) need to be brought, not worn, to class.  Hair will be worn in a tight ponytail or bun.  Short hair will be pinned out of face.


Jazz/Lyrical and/or Pom

Participants will wear close fitting black shirts or leotards and black shorts, capris, or close fitting pants.  Nude jazz boot, will be brought, not worn, to class.  Hair will be worn in a tight ponytail or bun.  Short hair will be pinned out of face.


Hip Hop

Participants will wear close fitting black shirt with loose black bottoms. Clean street and/or Tennis shoes may be worn to class.   Hair may be worn as you like.



Participants will wear close fitting T-shirt and bottoms.  Hair will be worn in a tight ponytail.  Short hair will be pinned out of face.  No shoes.


Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

Parents must accompany students into the studio and wait with them until class begins to ensure they are supervised at all times. Teachers and staff will not be held responsible for students until class begins. Please arrive a few minutes before classes are dismissed to pick up students. For the safety of our students, no students will be allowed to wait outside the facility to be picked up.



Generally, parents are discouraged to watch practice.  In my experience, students participate better and feel less pressure when parents are not watching.  However, if you must observe, there is a small waiting room where there is a first come, first seating policy.



REGULAR AND CONSISTENT ATTENDANCE IS CRITICAL TO THE TECHNICAL PROGRESSION AND DEVELOPMENT OF EACH STUDENT. We understand emergencies and illnesses arise, but would like absences be kept to a minimum. You should always call the studio to inform us of your child’s absence. Attendance will be recorded all year long. Students who maintain perfect attendance in all of their classes will be rewarded with one class free for one month during the following dance season. If your student has an injury or non-contagious illness, they should still come to class to observe. During the months of January through May, students are preparing for competition and the end-of-year recital, therefore attendance is essential. Students will not be allowed to miss more than four classes during these months in order to participate in the recital. DANCEUNITED CANNOT REFUND ACCOUNTS FOR CLASSES MISSED, REGARDLESS OF ILLNESS OR OTHER REASONS. However, the student is welcome to make up any missed classes in another comparable class.



All students are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes early for class, to stretch and prepare. If a student arrives more than 15 minutes late to class, they will not be allowed to participate and instead asked to observe; this is for their safety as they have not warmed up properly.



If a student wishes to withdraw, a DROP CLASS form must be filled out in the office with a two-week notice prior to withdrawal. BILLING TO THE ACCOUNT WILL CONTINUE UNLESS THIS FORM HAS BEEN COMPLETED.



Costumes are required for students to perform in the year-end performance. The cost of (to be determined) costume per child will be due by November 5th. We understand that this deadline is right before Christmas; however, we are forced to order costumes in December to ensure delivery before our recital dates. Please prepare for this payment in advance (NONREFUNDABLE). We do offer you the option of spreading out the payment over the months of August to November, until the payment deadline. (THESE PAYMENTS ARE NONREFUNDABLE.) Costumes will not be given out if your account is not current.



All students will participate in the end-of-year recital, provided they have met the attendance requirements listed above and are current with tuition payments. Attendance at dress rehearsals is mandatory.  Detailed information about the recital will be given to parents in the spring. Recital tickets are sold to enable DanceUnited to provide your child with the experience of participating in a full-scale production. This includes a state-of-the-art theater, professional backdrops and scenery, professional lighting and sound technicians, as well as top-quality programs. The recital tickets are nonrefundable.

This year, there will also be a one-time only recital fee of $45 per dancer.  Fee includes:  ability to dance at a professional theater, 2 tickets to the recital, and an end of the year trophy.  Recital Fee will be due by February 1st.  Option to group recital fee into monthly tuition will be offered.


Calendar (Dates to Remember)

July 31st (3:00-6:00 pm) and August 1st (10:00 am-1:00 pm):  Open House and Registration

August 13th:  Competition Team Auditions

August 17th:   Start of all classes

September 7th:  Labor Day (NO CLASSES)

November 25-27:  CLOSED Thanksgiving Break

December 21-January 1:  CLOSED Winter Break

January 4:  Classes resume

March 28-April 1:  CLOSED Spring Break

April 7 :  Recital Pictures (Tentative)

May 4:  Recital Rehearsal (Tentative)

May 8:  Afternoon Recital (Tentative)

Studio Rules

  1. Always be respectful to your peers and teachers.
  2. Always be respectful of your studio
  3. Always try your best.
  4. Never bring gum, food, or drinks (other than water) to class.
  5. Cell Phones must be turned off in studio.
  6. No large jewelry should be worn while dancing.