Regular Season Tuition

Tuition is based on a 4 week per month schedule.  There will be no discount given for months that have fewer weeks due to the fact that you will not be charged more for the months that have 5 weeks.  Classes run from September through May, therefore tuition is based on 9 months.  Tuition is due at the beginning of student’s first class of every month.

1 class per week: $60/mth

2 classes per week: $110/mth

3 classes per week: $150/mth

4 classes per week: $180/month

If you pay your yearly class tuition before your first month, you will also be given a 10% discount.

1 class per week yearly total: $540  With discount:  $486

2 classes per week yearly total: $990  With discount:  $891

3 classes per week yearly total: $1350  With discount:  $1215

4 classes per week yearly total: $1620  With discount: $1458

*These figures are for 9 month tuition and do not include extra fees for costuming, studio wear, or competition fees.*

Family policy

For every additional family member taking class, we reduce your monthly tuition by an extra $10.

2 siblings: $100/mth

3 siblings: $155/mth

4 siblings: $210/mth

Friend policy

For every friend you refer who signs up for class, you get $5 off your monthly tuition!  Sign up 10 friends and you get your class for free!

Late Tuition

Just as one does not take an article of clothing from a department store only to pay later, nor does DanceUnited render services for dancers who have not paid for class.  If a student’s tuition has not been paid by the beginning of the first class of the month, they will not be allowed to participate until tuition is paid in full.  Instead, they will be asked to observe class.  Also, there will be a $15 charge added to the monthly tuition for each late payment.

*DanceUnited understands human error and family emergencies.  If you have a financial struggle or cannot pay on time, please discuss this matter with Tiffany DuPuy BEFORE tuition is due.*

Any Non-Sufficient Funds check returned will be assessed a $30 fee.  If more than one NSF check is returned, DanceUnited will require a cashier’s check or money order for all future payments.


Because we encourage each student to try a class for free BEFORE the starting of that class, DanceUnited does not issue refunds for that month’s tuition nor any month’s prior tuition.  Also, refunds will not be issued until a DROP CLASS form has been filled out and is on file at the studio.

Change of Class

Before any student can change class, the form CLASS CHANGE needs to be filled out and on file at the studio.  Once form is on file, that change of class will occur the following week.